Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life always gets in the way... but...

So it seems life always seems to get in the way of having fun and making toys. haha

My brother who went into the Hospital for a very infected foot and ended up losing it, went into the hospital again with another infection. Hopefully he wont lose anymore of his leg, its looking good, but its one of those that needs to heal completely before finding out. sucks...

and ...

on top of that my dad was just in the hospital and had to have surgery to rearrange his intestines due to a disorder that he was born with and didnt know about. luckily it wasnt too bad and he was out in a week... now his heart is under a watchful eye due to his low hear trate he didnt know he had either. but in the end there is always a silver lining, while in there they found a carcinoma that they were able to deal with, which would have turned into cancer and he would have never know.

ugh... toys soon? hopefully! .

on a good note Justin "MetalMonkey" Gadze will be releasing his first UoV continuation series "Chaos Dimension" soon. i casted these up for him and he should have them in hand by the end of the week, so look for them soon... here on his blog! --

I have a few things in the works, that should be getting some attention and put in my store soon. Newly casted up Gumbals Laserbeasts of Sea Panic and Brown Lion, some very cool Ninja Turtles Sidekicks figures, He-man keshi (Fisto and Jitsu), and a few others... Just need to get some family duties dealt with first. :)

Also I will be having a special release of 5 Tankheads soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Hope you guys havent forgot about me. :P

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back in action!!!

ok, so I have been gone for awhile, but my brother is finally back home and things are getting back to normal, Finally!

There were a few things i wanted to do this last month, but I just couldnt do to my brother needing me. I still will be releasing some grab bags as a after christmas/ New Year sale type o' thing.  Plus I have a handful for figures to be releasing. Nama Nikus new Deathmatch, Chopper Manzilla and Eraserhead, Jesse Destasio's Tankhead, MetalMonkeys UoVII figures, along with some other colorways of the Masters of the Universe keshi, Nama Niku Meatgrinder, and some others.

Plus if you guys dont know, I switched to a different rubber recently so I will no longer be using PTFlex 70. I switched to a new "Sexier" rubber. This rubber is more expensive so I will be adjusting my prices in my store, but only by $1. (My grab-bags will be filled with the excess of my figures cast in my previous rubber.)

So look for a new look in my store starting 1/ 4/14

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Everything is on hold still but things should be opening up soon.  My brother has been in the hospital for 3 weeks and it looks like he should be able to go home soon (hopefully).

And on top of that I've been sick the last few days,  so nothing had been getting done. I should have my last orders filed soon and new stuff popping up in my store in no time.  I can't wait to start sculpting and casting again!

Stay worth me folks, good sit will be happening soon.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Unfortunate events

Do to some very unfortunate events (family issues), I will be keeping my store close till further notice, along with postponing any new figures till things open up.

If anyone has anything on order already, do worry you will get your orders.

If you have any questions about an order or anything pertaining to a certain figure dont hesitate to message me here in the comments or at my email - enilla1979 at yahoo dot com

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Contest winner

Finally had time to judge the winner of the contest, and it was actually pretty hard this time. I appreciate you all who entered, so thank you for taking the time to. :)

The winner is Justin Gadze and his awesome GPK Big Arm!

...and everyone keep an eye out for the next contest. I will be doing something for Thanksgiving. :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Contest is over...

Contest is over and I will pick a winner this weekend, thanks for everyone who entered! :)

oh and I hope everyone had a safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just a Little more time...

This week took a different path than I wanted, I actually was sidetracked with fixing my car and some stuff around the house so I wasnt able to get as much done as possible with my orders. Im extending my store closure, as well as the contest. So my store will be closed till OCT 30th and reopened on Thursday Oct 31st! I will pic the winner of the contest as well on Thursday.


thanks guys~!