Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just a Little more time...

This week took a different path than I wanted, I actually was sidetracked with fixing my car and some stuff around the house so I wasnt able to get as much done as possible with my orders. Im extending my store closure, as well as the contest. So my store will be closed till OCT 30th and reopened on Thursday Oct 31st! I will pic the winner of the contest as well on Thursday.


thanks guys~!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Still at it... and comin' at yah

Hey buddies, sorry for the silence on my end!  Been super busy trying to catch up on store orders and it seems like an never ending cycle. Haha, I love it but its keeping me from releasing anything new at this time. I have a new Super Rare Kinkeshi to release "Violence Man", a new mini Line I will be doing called "Gluttony Demons" starting with a Pizza Demon, as well as Finally releasing Nama Nikus "DEATHMATCH" officially! So keep your eyes open for those!

--Starting this sunday OCT 20th - OCT 27th my store will be closed to give me more time to catch up with out orders still flowing in.

During that time i will be running a contest to those who actually check this blog. (If no one enters oh well, if only one person enters, YOU WIN!) 

Option 1 - Draw up one of the Universe of Violence characters as a Garbage Pail Kids Character.

Options 2 - Take a badass photo of any Universe of Violence figure in what you think their natural elemet would be.

Winner will be chosen by me, and will receive a Blind bag with a handful of my castings.

--Just recently Universe of Violence was finally retired from my store. It was a long run, but it was time for them to go. I will be offering up small gift bags in December for Christmas that will include any and all left over UoV that didn't sell along with other random figures i have casted up. They will all be Blind Bagged and offered 2 different price levels (to be determined). I will ALSO be offering a few cheap Gift Bags filled with only uncleaned figures. **Each Blind bag will include different figure, but if you buy multiple I cant guarantee you wont get doubles of something.**

That is all, so now i leave you with a photo of my first Gluttony Demon WIP...