Friday, September 20, 2013

Nama Niku Brute Squad and Chibi Zilla the Kid

Ive been sitting on these figures for a while till I had the time to release them and now is the time, Nama Niku's latest awesomeness - The Brute Squad and Chibi Zilla the Kid!

Both are now available in my store now, so go get them while you can. (limited stock available)

Available here -

Brute squad - $12
Chibi Zilla the Kid - $8

Monday, September 16, 2013

orders in my store

Everyone who has an order in my store,  please do not worry,  I am filling orders in the order they were placed.  I just have many orders to fill.  I am trying my best to get them out as fast as I can.  I just have some very generous customers who have placed some very big orders. Plus with it being so hot, I can't cast as much as I usually do.

If anyone has any questions on their orders don't hesitate to ask.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Contest winner

Ive been pretty busy casting up a storm on my end, but I just wanted to thank everyone that entered my last contest!

and with that I officially name Connor Nguyen the winner! Congrats bud! It was pretty much cinched as soon as he posted what he had for trade.

I really like the idea of doing another contest, just like this one, but only asking people to offer up things other than LRGs. I pretty much only collect Japanese keshi and I have strayed away from other toy lines I used to collect and even got out of. But i still have a place in my heart for other toylines.

so starting next week Im gonna start a New Contest. I will offer up similar Figures again, at least a $100 Value to those who have some cool stuff for trade other than LRGs. Not sure what colors I will offer up, maybe some Glow and Ultra Thermal figures!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hell Turtle Vs. Deadface 2-pack

Hell Turtle Vs. Deadface 2-pack is finally in stock in my store and comes in a variety of colors. Originally held back from the re-release of the Universe of Violence due to they being too awesome and we didn't wanna blow too many minds with their release.

Will have some Pics tomorrow of some of the new colors. :)

Tell your friends if you missed these guys the first time around!

All Glow, Metallic, and Thermal dusts by the awesome SolarColorDust!!! Join the party and start making some awesome stuff with this shit, its amazing. :D