Saturday, May 10, 2014

Diaclone Gats Blocker Keshi custom

Wow, something I never knew existed until a couple months ago. A friend of mine on Instagram @Sir_miggs posted a pic of this awesome Diaclone Gats Blocker keshi figure.

I fell in love! 18 separate pieces that combine into a 6" keshi robot~??? What is not to love. :D  I was surprised that I never knew of it before, Not that I know of all keshi ever, but I am fairly knowledged in Transformers (and Diaclone) keshi. After some talking back and fourth a few people brought up me casting this puppy up, so I jumped at the chance since I wanted one myself. :)

So @Sir_Miggs being the awesome guy he is lent me his awesome loose one (he owns sealed ones as well) to cast up and this is what I made.
 Had to do all Keshi Flesh for mine. :)

 This last one is a special all Glow one I made for my bud  @Brownnoize 
(no I will not make any more like this)