Thursday, August 29, 2013

Contest time...

I will be starting a contest on Saturday that will run for one week. The contest is called "TRADE ME".

I will be offering a Cythulhu, Elephunt, Neclos Cthluhu, Big Arm, Essen, and Nama Niku's newest figures Brute Squad and Chibi Manzilla in a Thermal Black that turns Pink in heat or Silver. Winner Chooses.

To enter you just have to post and tell me what you would trade me for them, the person with the best trade wins.

I know it seems a bit weird, but I have always found trading a fun part of this hobby, and I know there are a few fans out there than dont have the money to buy all my customs, so here is a good win/win compromise.

So either post a link to a pic of what you would be willing to trade or just a list.

I will label the winner the following saturday, Sept 7.

**I need at least 5 people to enter for this contest to be relevant. Just in case only one person enters and offers a Banana peel.**

Monday, August 26, 2013

new Nama Niku Meatgrinder

The new nama niku meatgrinder is finally in my store.

Created by jimmy "ironhaus" Rommel and Nama Niku and molded by me this guy is a heft piece of awesome. I will be releasing him in flesh with a removable flesh belt.

 With Some friends...

Meatgrinder is in the store for $20...

re-release of Manzilla

Manzilla makes a new appearance, in a few new colors as well.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Gumball Laser Beast Tiger Burn

Ive had many inquires on casting laser beasts so I started with one of my favorites, Tiger Burn. I'll be adding these in my store tonight, but wont be doing too many for sale right away.

Glow dusts by

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Neclos Cthulhu

I've had a handful of people message me about casting up my Neclos Cthulhu so I finally broke down and cast him up when I had the free time.

I will be adding stock as I get them done, only a handful to start.  :)

$15 + Shipping

Hidden Riddle Contest:
First person to comment the answer to this riddle wins a Free neclos Cthulhu! 
(Free shipping in the US, International must pay $5)

Contest only runs only till thursday at noon...

Lurking in the shadows, they can't contain me.
Many have tried to stop me, but they all failed.
From the stars I will come, but I'm already here.
My children live amongst you, but you can't recognize them.
I have many cults worshiping me, but every single one of them shivers before my true form.

Who am I ?