Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Universe of Violence figure - Part 3

Elephunt will be available Tomorrow at 6pm pst

Some pics of his back side

and a size comparison to a MUSCLE figure

Elephunt will be $16 + Shipping and will include one of the four exclusive Gorewads available with Hell Turtle (This time in different colors).

There will be case colors such as Glow, Thermal, Metallic and Ultra Thermal. in every 5 orders.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Store inventory

Just wanna remind everyone that January is the last month to get Existing; Universe of Violence (Sets A-C, and Hell Turtle), Gorewad sets (1-3), Manzilla, Death ham, Poo-Shine, and Grim Jim.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who Remembers Ghoulies?

I loved this movie as a kid and when i saw that there was a Keshi release of some sort I got excited, but the one figure that I have ever see was on ebay at the crazy price of $100. Well a friend of mine actually purchased it for a agreed on price and he sent it to me to cast up... and here we go, the first pull came out great. :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hell Turtle Smack Down

A couple still available in the store~!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

There has been talk...

     I've been hearing a few people talk recently about the Polytek rubber I use and the fact it contains Aryl mercury compound. Yes "Part B" contains (< 1%) Aryl mercury compound, it is used to speed up the process of curing. That way I can unmold a figure in 1hr instead of 16hrs. I have talked to Polytek a handful of times over the years for different reasons, and when I bring up the hazardness of holding a cured item in any of the Poly Pt Flex series' they always say the same thing: It's at its most harmful state when it's in its liquid state, but once it's cured the possibility of absorb any Mercury is almost nil. How many people walk around for days on end with a figure in their hands anyway~? If you suck on a figure for a good amount of time or maybe eat a figure, then maybe yes you will leech some of it into your system. But get this: it would still be less than if you ate shrimp, tuna, salmon, or catfish, etc... These all contain Mercury in them.  Heck, people love Shark, Swordfish, and Mackerel, and those fish have high amounts of mercury in them.

     I understand if you have a young child and don't want them near the figure as they may put them in their mouth, or if you have a mentally challenged uncle who might shove it up his ass. Either keep it out of their reach and on a shelf like most collectors do.  My figures are intended as an adult collectible, I'm not intending these for children to play with.

     I've been asked a few times, what if the figure didn't cure properly and there might be more of a risk to absorb the tiny amount you say~? Ive been using this rubber for a few years now, I've casted hundreds of figures in all ways, shapes, and sizes. I know how to mix and cast with it, and I know exactly what it feels like if the mix was off.

     The MSDS write up with this information is written to follow many laws and cautions for mailing items and disposing of items, and in the end to cover their ass just in case ANYTHING happens. There maybe a small chance of leeching a tiny amount of Mercury, but its so small it doesn't matter.

     Remember its made for movie props, prototyping and model making, that usually involves plenty of handling. The handling from the common collector will not result in any harmful effects from the mercury in the figure.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Exciting News and Changes

2012 saw the beginning of the IroNilla collaboration, as well as the introduction of the Universe of Violence and Gorewad Monsters toylines. We feel that we did some good in our freshman year, producing toys, but we also felt that we could have achieved more. We'd like to offer a wide variety of custom figures, and offer them as efficiently as we can. In order to do this, things have to change in some ways.

Universe of Violence figures are now going to be released as single figures. There will be opportunities to buy them as combo packs, but each figure will be released as a single figure with accessories. These accessories can be anything from companion figures, to helmets/armor, or even environmental details. We'll release one new figure a month, and we'll make as many figures as demand calls for... But when that month is over, the figure goes in the figurative vault to make way for the new figure. 2012 saw the release of six Universe of Violence figures... Under the new structure, 2012 will see the rise of twelve new figures, and a host of new accessories.  Hell Turtle was the beginning, and in February Eric Nilla's UoV boss figure will be available. Stay tuned.

Gorewad Monsters first reared their ugly little heads in 2012, and in 2013 Ironhaus will be handling most of the load in concerns to the Gorewads. We have listened to the feedback on them, and future Gorewads will be more along the lines of disgusting and irreverent (GPK, Mini Boglins, etc). The micro wrestlers will still be produced, but they will be tied in with the Universe of Violence line. 

As for all of what we have done in 2012, in order for us to charge forward with the new, we have to make room. Starting with the release of Eric Nilla's Boss UoV figure, the 2012 offerings from IroNilla will be pulled from the stores, and put into the "vault". If you wanted UoV or Gorewads from 2012, get them now. Starting next month, they will not be offered. Not to say that those figures will never see the light of day again, but we'll be more focused on progressing forward. 

Also, the new structure will allow us to take part in other interesting collaborations with other great artists. Stay tuned for news on future collaborations, as well as more special release figures from Eric Nilla and Ironhaus, respectively. There will be something for everybody in 2013, and it will come fast. Be prepared. 

Finally, we do take all feedback into consideration, so absolutely feel free to drop us a line, and let us know what you think. Hopefully, you all will be as excited about the new direction of things as we are.

Eric Nilla and Jimmy Rommel

Exclusive Gorewads (packaged with Hell Turtle)

With the recent Universe of Violence Hell Turtle we will be including one of four different Gorewads~!

With and without flash

Glow versions available on the last four Hell Turtles.