Thursday, October 11, 2012

Universe of Violence - Set B and C

After some prepping,  Jimmy and I's Universe of Violence - Set B and C will be released to finally finish our first series of figures.

Set B consists of Jimmy's Blemmyae Warrior and my Brute.

Set C consists of my Big Arm and Jimmy's Deadface.

All are sold for $16 a set, bagged with header cards. 
They are sold in random colors, with a GITD figure added every 3 sets.
Set B and C will "Drop" Tomorrow, Friday the 12th.


  1. :) Ohh Man`s! These are some great looking freaks! Can`t wait to get those!

  2. Well, I've ordered one of each set (might as well get em all). I also ordered Chibi Poo-Shine, because... Well he's Chibi Poo-Shine.