Friday, July 13, 2012

Manzilla II

If anyone reading this knows me, you know that I have been collaborating with Nama Niku for quite awhile now. He is the creator of the best Kitbashed keshi made this side of the Pacific. Seriously, 'Nuff said. His newest piece molded and cast by me is an amazing Godzilla/ Kinnikuman creation and easily one of the best figures I have ever seen, period. It's awesome. I am so honored to be able to cast this guy up and create some awesome rubber figures of him.

So for those who haven't seen him yet (anyone not on LRG).

With him is his micro best friend "Headfoot"
Some uncleaned ones (sporting some new colors in this pic as well; neon pink, neon yellow and neon blue!)

E-mails welcome for sales as well...

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