Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GPK Cheap Toy Madness

Sometimes it's all in who you know. I happen to have a very generous friend who lent me his very expensive Series 2 GPK Cheap Toy Figures to mold and make Customs of them, Thanks Paul~!

I am currently selling them for $15 + Shipping on the Little Rubber Guys forum. These figures average out at $400 each for an original, so why not get a whole set at a fraction of that price?  =]

-Eeric Eric-
-Fishy Phyllis-
-Ali Gator-
-Catty Kathy-
-Mouth Phil-
-Picky Mickey-
-Still Jill-
-Distorted Dot-
-Les Vegas-
-Galloping Glen-

These are currently on ebay as I speak with a few days left. Get in on it if you are looking to save thousands on a set.

**Edit** -- Pic of various colors (with and without flashing)

$15 + Shipping Each


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  2. and i just brought down this blog a couple of notches. your welcome

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