Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back in action!!!

ok, so I have been gone for awhile, but my brother is finally back home and things are getting back to normal, Finally!

There were a few things i wanted to do this last month, but I just couldnt do to my brother needing me. I still will be releasing some grab bags as a after christmas/ New Year sale type o' thing.  Plus I have a handful for figures to be releasing. Nama Nikus new Deathmatch, Chopper Manzilla and Eraserhead, Jesse Destasio's Tankhead, MetalMonkeys UoVII figures, along with some other colorways of the Masters of the Universe keshi, Nama Niku Meatgrinder, and some others.

Plus if you guys dont know, I switched to a different rubber recently so I will no longer be using PTFlex 70. I switched to a new "Sexier" rubber. This rubber is more expensive so I will be adjusting my prices in my store, but only by $1. (My grab-bags will be filled with the excess of my figures cast in my previous rubber.)

So look for a new look in my store starting 1/ 4/14