Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Neclos Cthulhu

I've had a handful of people message me about casting up my Neclos Cthulhu so I finally broke down and cast him up when I had the free time.

I will be adding stock as I get them done, only a handful to start.  :)

$15 + Shipping

Hidden Riddle Contest:
First person to comment the answer to this riddle wins a Free neclos Cthulhu! 
(Free shipping in the US, International must pay $5)

Contest only runs only till thursday at noon...

Lurking in the shadows, they can't contain me.
Many have tried to stop me, but they all failed.
From the stars I will come, but I'm already here.
My children live amongst you, but you can't recognize them.
I have many cults worshiping me, but every single one of them shivers before my true form.

Who am I ?


  1. Uhmmm.. Cthulhu?
    Great figure by the way.. :)

  2. Can we get some Neclaga next Eric? :)

  3. NanoFatato for the win! Email me your address.

    and i havent really planned on casting any other Neclos. Necalaga can be a maybe though. that guy is sweet.

    1. Congrats NanoFatato! Sweet, I hope you do Neclaga at some point, Eric. I would be down for a small army of those.