Friday, June 14, 2013

Re-Release of UoV

This Saturday (Tomorrow), I will be re-releasing previous Universe of Violence figures.

1 - Eyeklops and Blemmya
2 - Brute and Cedargeif
3 - Big Arm
4 - Elephunt
5 - Essen
6 - Arn Hellstorm
7 - Beetle Punk
*(Deadface and Hell Turtle will not be for sale, so please do not ask about them)
**(I will not be including any gorewad companions)

On the original 2012 figures I will be offering them in Flesh, Grape, and Orange sets (No random colors, and no custom orders will be offered). I will only have for sale in the store what I have stock of, so if it says sold out, wait a day and I should have more in stock. In the later released figures from 2013 they will be sold as listed colors (still no custom orders will be offered).

I will be adding Glow and Thermal sets individually in the store under the specific figures so check back often.

Also, Brute and Cedargeif were voted in as fan favorites so there will be a small limited release of special Gold versions of them. (Avalable starting Sunday the 16th)

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