Friday, November 9, 2012

Upcomming stuff

Man I gotta start posting more~!.but in all fairness I am coming back from being sick for over a week. **excuses**


I got a few things to preview and am taking a cue from Jimbo and hiding them a bit. (Will have better pics when I have something better to show. )

New UoV figure. I've been working on him for awhile and have reimagined him a few times which has caused a few tear downs and redos. Hopefully i can have some better pics in the next couple days.

Next is a new head for a certain figure. I have a few more things to finish on him before I go a head and cast him, but he is pretty far along. If only I can get the motivation to work on him. Although any motivation i think will be devoted to my new UoV figure as I want him done first. We'll see


  1. umm I need some better pics on this stuff my friend :)

  2. That new UoV figure sure is a... a figure! Heh.

    Armorvor head looks cool!